What’s Up Thursday?

By Eileen Tilson Um highs today in the 70’s?!?!?! I can’t help but to think that mother nature is just playing a little trick on us all. “Oh yeah, whip out the shorts and flip flops, and then right when you start getting a little color back in your cheeks BAM! I’m gonna drop the […]

5GB With Andrew Combs; Playing The Earl 12/14

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn Now I know what you’re saying, “Why am I showing any love to a singer/songwriter from Nashville?” I know that even saying “he is making country sexy again,” sounds cliche, but just hear me out. Andrew Combs has a lot more connection to our sweet state then he might lead on. […]

Picture Book: Zac Brown Kicks Off Annual Music and Food Festival

By Amanda Miles The inaugural Southern Ground Music and Food Festival was held over the weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Zac Brown’s vision of combining world class fare with live music became a stunning reality over three days in the balmy coastal town. 31 acts from various genres of music including country, folk, rock, reggae and funk scorched […]

Arctic Monkeys

What’s Up Tuesday?

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Yesterday I found out that Paul McCartney  gets married on John Lennon‘s birthday, former Weezer bassist prophetically tweets about his own death, and a woman drove into Tin Lizzy’s! I know it is a full moon, but this is a bit much! Here are some things to do tonight, just make sure […]

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