Throwback Thursday: 5GB With Cory Branan

 This interview was originally published June 14, 2012. Corey Branan will perform Jon Snodgrass and  special guests on December 14, 2014 at The EARL.  We’ve had our eye on Cory Branan for just about as long as he’s been honing his air-tight, clever version of the perfect storysong. For those who don’t know him, though, Branan is […]

5GB Interview with Cory Branan; Playing 529 Friday, Feb. 22

By Jhoni Jackson If you’re at all familiar with Cory Branan, you won’t be too surprised by his answers to our 5GB series. The Memphis-based artist’s work follows the storytelling vein of classic country and folk, and his responses reflect how deeply that tendency is rooted within him. He doesn’t give many short answers—he can’t […]

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