AMG Weekend Picks: Robin Meade, Sebadoh & More!

Next weekend is Valentine’s day so you have this weekend to do all of the LEAST romantic things you can think of… like twerking the night away at Graveyard Tavern or scarfing down delicious fried chicken at Eddie’s Attic. Do it to it, y’all. Friday, February 7 – Robin Meade’s Round Robin @ Eddie’s Attic She […]

5GB With Sebadoh; Playing The Earl, Sunday August 12th

Vintage indie rockers, Sebadoh, helped pioneer lo-fi music, a style of indie rock characterized by low-fidelity recording techniques, often on four-track machines. In March of 2012, Lou Barlow reissued the early recordings of Weed Forrestin’ on the Sebadoh bandcamp, available in a digital download, double cd, vinyl, and deluxe edition with the Child of the […]