AMG Weekend Picks: Those Darlins, The Avett Brothers, Pixies and More!

One of the best things about a long weekend is a short week will follow. Which means the weekend will arrive all the sooner. There’s some great stuff for you to choose from in our picks for the weekend – sensitive singer/songwriters, rocking country, Georgia’s best musicians celebrated, legendary indie rockers and more. And there […]

Pixies Celebrate 20 Years of Doolittle with a Live Performance at the Fox Theater – September 13

One of the most influential indie rock bands of all time – The¬†Pixies – recently announced an extension of their Doolittle 20-year anniversary tour, with 11 shows in the U.S.,¬†including a stop at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theater on Monday, September 13. The 14-track record was the second full-length release for The Pixies and featured some […]

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