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Hey this is Elliott from 99X’s Sunday School. I’m gonna be posting stuff on this blog. Wow big deal….I know, right? Well, deal with it. I wanted to drop this first post to say "hey" and highlight some stuff that’s gonna be rad this year. I’m not one for rambling prose and over pontificating, so let get to this:

(In no particular order)

Vampire Weekend:
These dudes like vampires and weekends…sounds good to me. Check them out at The EARL on March 9th with The Walkmen (buy tickets). This album is gonna own you this year.
Vampire Weekend – "A Punk"

The Selmanaires:
Album numero dos "The Air Salesman" drops on January 22nd…it’s awesome. It’s like if the Talking Heads didn’t have all that annoying world music, and they were super rad and from Atlanta. Album release party at The EARL on January 26th (along with Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause whose album slays, too) (buy tickets).
The Selmanaires- "Broken Mirrors In The Mud"

The Whigs:
Apparently January 22nd is killer album release day. "Mission Control" hits stores that day, and they’ll be doing an album release show that Friday at The EARL (buy tickets). Their drummer has 6 arms and is Dave Grohl pt. 2…Esquire magazine said it, so believe it. Check out “Right Hand On My Heart”….it sounds like “Scentless Apprentice,” which means it’s better than everything your little sister likes.
The Whigs – "Right Hand On My Heart"

Some folks have compared these folks to Muse and Mew…Sure, I guess. All I know is that "Oracular Spectacular" sounds good to my ears. That’s all I care about. Check them out with Yeasayer January 18th at The EARL (buy tickets).

No Age:
One of the biggest buzz bands of ’07 hits town with Liars February 14th at The EARL (buy tickets). They recently signed with Sub Pop, so catch them now before your 60-year-old uncle who reads Paste starts asking you about them, and you feel like a loser ’cause your 60-year-old uncle is more on top of his shit than you.

Black Mountain:
Their self-titled album was easily my favorite album of ’05 or ’06…whatever year it came out. They’ve never played Atlanta….’bout times, dudes. The new record "In The Future" is coming out on January 22nd (see, I told you), and if you go to here you can get it early. Thanks, Jagjaguar! Check them out February 15th at the Earl with Blood on the Wall (A+ band name) or in D.C. on February 19th (buy tickets). Here’s a track….it’s like 14 minutes long.
Black Mountain – "Tyrants"

Kate Nash:
OK, so I’m gonna go ahead and say I’ve got a soft spot for attractive British female artists…I mean who the f*ck doesn’t? Her new album "Made of Bricks" just came out and, yeah yeah, she’s on MTV now and all that. So what? She’s cute and writes good songs, and your girlfriend like her, too. No harm no foul.
Kate Nash- "Foundations"

Atlas Sound:
Deerhunter pretty much ruled the school last year. They’re takin’ a little breaky time, which they certainly deserve. Bradford’s not loungin’ in Acapulco, though. He’s got a solo record coming out on Kranky soon, and is playing the Drunken Unicorn on February 19th (buy tickets). Check out his blog there’s a bagillion mp3’s you can download there. No rest for the wicked.

The EARL (buy tickets):
Damn folks, just realized that The EARL has like 10,000 amazing shows over the next few months.
Such as:
High On Fire
Dead Meadow
Bech House
Sons & Daughters
Nicole Atkins
Acid Mothers Temple
Fu Manchu
And a ton of local shows that rule the school

Their food is not half bad either.

99X Sinner’s Ball w/ the Black Lips:
Yeah, I know I work there, but this show is gonna be off the rocker. They’re playing at Opera (WTF!?) on February 1st (buy tickets). Sounds like a rager! You can throw beads at the band and hope they don’t swallow them.

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