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New York transplant singer and songwriter, Bobby Long, grew up near Wigan, England which helped shape his roots in folk music primarily. With his 10-song collection titled Dirty Pond Songs, Long quickly rose to fame with legions of fans scrambling to see him perform after his noted association with Robert Pattinson who recorded a song Long wrote for the Twilight soundtrack, “Left to Lie.” His “Dangerous Summer” tour to support his music was extensive in the summer and fall of 2009, and shortly after he recorded his first studio album with Liam Watson. In the spring of 2010, Long signed with ATO Records, a record label co-founded by Dave Matthews, and is also home to reputable artists such as Radiohead, David Gray, Ben Kweller and many more. He then released his debut album, A Winter’s Tale in the spring of 2011.

Bobby has performed at several notable music festivals, including Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and the Austin City Limits Music Festival. His sophomore album, Wishbone, released in early 2013, is the album he’s currently touring in support of. Check out our interview with Bobby, and find out what he had to say about new writing material, what’s in store for fans in Europe, and how he’s so appreciative of fans who travel all over the world to come see and hear him play live. Oh, and Eddie’s Attic, is his top five places to play in America! Find out more:

You’ve mentioned writing a lot during your time off. Do you have plans for another album in the works, or any plans to share your written material with your fans?

Bobby: Yeah, I’ve been off for about a month since the last tour and I’ve been writing the whole time. I’ve already spoken to a friend, who’s a producer, and I think we’re going to record something quite soon. I’ve been in a really good place with writing, and managed to write 20 new songs that I really like, so as soon as I finish the tour, I’ll get on it and see what we can do. But, hopefully yeah.

You have a lot of fans in Europe, obviously. Do you plan to travel there anytime soon, and what does the European release of Wishbone look like out there?

Bobby: Um, you know I’m hoping to get back over there at the end of the year. I did a really great tour there in late February, which was amazing. Yeah, I think actually the plan is to go over there and release something new, I think. That’s the plan, but I’m not sure right now. All I know is that I’m hopefully going over there, or I will be going over there at the end of the year. But, I’m not sure of a Wishbone release or a new album. I’m not quite sure yet.

We look forward to it either way, and I’m sure they will as well.

You’ve played at Eddie’s Attic a few times. What do you enjoy the most about performing there? You seem to really like it there.

Bobby: I love it. It’s one of my favorite places to play. It actually reminds me of Europe, in a sense. In Europe, there’s still these coffee houses and perfect-sized venues for a really, intimate venue; it makes you feel really good playing there; where there’s a large enough crowd, and feels like they’re a force, you know and I won’t be thrown to the wolves at anytime. It’s just got a great atmosphere. And it’s also got history, so many great people, and love playing there. It’s one of my top five places to play in America, to be honest. The owners are really, really nice. So yeah, they seem to really treasure you being there, which is really nice. So, it’s just a really great place to play.

What’s been the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Bobby: I played a show in LA, and two people who were lovely, had traveled from Brazil. That’s crazy to me, and the nicest thing in the whole world. I had people from Germany come down for the American tour, had people from Malaysia come out to a couple of shows. That is like a holiday for everyone, except if you’re a millionaire. I mean it would be for me too; that’s an incredible gesture, and I can’t quite believe it. I wouldn’t do that for anybody (laughs). I would just be upset that they weren’t coming. These people are so nice and enthusiastic. Yeah, kind of mind-boggling, and a lovely, lovely thing.

It’s lovely, but it’s still crazy, right? (laughs)

Bobby: No, it’s not crazy. It’s just really, really, really going to the extremes of how nice and dedicated a person can be. It’s more unbelievable, you know. I guess they might make it into a holiday, but it seems often the case they’ve kind of come down and leaving two days later, so they can’t really see much of the place. I’m like the main entertainment, which is also frightening too, you know.

It’s a lot to put on you, isn’t it? (laughs)

Bobby: Yeah, it’s all on me. It’s a bad show and then they go back to Brazil really upset, so you know, yeah.

What would be your dream line-up gig to perform with, dead or alive?

I know you love The Band!

Bobby: Actually, last week at a friend’s wedding (my girlfriend’s her friend), and she asked me to sing their wedding song, which was fine and a bit nerve-racking. I ended up jumping on it and doing a couple of songs, and we did a couple of Band songs. They were amazing, and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like actually playing with The Band, for real. I would love to play with John Lennon (I’m a big fan). I think The Beatles would be pretty wonderful. And someone like Leonard Cohen, I’d like to sit down with and try to harmonize with him. That would be really special, yeah. Today that would be my dream line-up gig. Maybe David Bowie as well.

I love David Bowie!

Bobby: Me too

We chatted about our mutual love for David Bowie for a bit. I mentioned Let’s Dance, and he mentioned Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory, and stated “those were great.” Bobby went on to mention his admiration for Bowie’s acting too and really enjoys Labyrinth and likes the music from the movie. He had a little fun letting me know that he and his friend used to mimic the music from Labyrinth when they were children.

Now, what’s the best gig you’ve seen thus far, in your life?

Bobby: I’m really lucky. I’ve seen a lot. It’s especially helped playing music too because I’ve played at festivals and have played ones that I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to get into or get tickets in time. The best moment for me ever was watching Neil Young at Hyde Park in London. He started singing, “A Day In the Life,” and then Paul McCartney came out, so that was probably the greatest. I’m a massive Beatles fan. To me, they’re the greatest. Seeing Neil Young, I was surprised by McCartney, and I couldn’t think of anyone else better to be surprised by, male or female (laughs). So yeah, that was the best gig.

Do you have a guilty musical pleasure?

Bobby: Let me see…I mean I like some really, trashy metal bands. I have a friend named Nick, and he’s a massive 90’s fan. He likes good music, but he’s a fan of like System of the Down, Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit. I like System of the Down, but I guess my biggest musical pleasure is Supertramp; they’re kind of corny, but the songs are well -written. I went on holiday to France when I was younger, and my dad had an album called Live in Paris, and it’s a great live record. It’s not my thing at all, but I have a soft spot for it where I find myself knee-deep in Supertramp. For me, I just like really good songs; a band like Abba, for example, has written some really great songs. It’s pop music, so it’s cheesy, but it’s good. It makes you appreciate; I’d rather hear that than any song by a modern pop artist or even The Bee Gees, who I think are cool and they get a bad rap, but they’ve written some incredible songs. I love the song from Grease

(laughs) Sorry, I’m giving way too much away now…but I love that song. The soundtrack opening, the Bee Gees, and that was my ringtone for awhile.

Hey, you like what you like, guilty or not. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Bobby: Absolutely.

Is there anything else you’d like your fans to know?

Bobby: Umm, I feel like I’ve given away more than what I’ve given away in an interview before, so I’m happy, if you’re happy.

Grab your tickets for Bobby’s upcoming performance at Eddie’s Attic on Friday, August 2!

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