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By: Emily Jackson 

Martin Crane, the brains behind Brazos, might be the fifth Martin in his family but we’ve got a feeling there hasn’t been one quite like him before. With a tireless creative spirit and a penchant for poetic lyrics, Martin always has a new project cooking. Earlier this year he wrapped up production on his latest album Saltwater which has regularly been described as a buoyant, sparkling sound saga. Salty beats and foamy synth combine with the raw elements of his earlier releases resulting in a potion that’s altogether intoxicating. We had the pleasure of chatting with Martin before his New Orleans show today and made sure to gauge his opinions on Brooklyn living, Bound 2, the Bee Gees while we were at it.

You’re originally from Texas and now you live in New York. Do you ever miss the South?

Yeah I moved up about two and a half years ago but I miss it sometimes. I miss being able to swim in the summer whenever I want. In New York, you can go to the beach but it’s not the same. There’s no rivers, no ponds to swim in…

No swimmin’ holes?

Right, yeah.

Musically, how is your second album Saltwater, different from your other releases?

It’s a little bigger than the other stuff. The songs are longer and there are more electronic/more synthetic sounds. Mostly, the songs are a lot longer.

What inspired the lyrics on your newest album?

Life in general. It’s hard to answer that question, ya know? I think whatever inspired the lyrics is in the lyrics.

What artists do you like to listen to in your free time?

Right now I’m jamming to the new Kanye West album… I just saw him in concert and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life.

Nice! What’d you think of that video with Kim Kardashian?

I loved it! It’s so great, so weird and so funny. I’ve also been listening to Jon Hopkins, Can, Holden, the Bee Gees and that kind of stuff, a lot of different people.

Your Atlanta show is on Friday the 13th. Are you feeling superstitious about it?

Oh! Is it really? I didn’t even realize. That’s great. We’ve gotta do something for that. Thanks for telling me. We gotta come out wearing a bunch of padding or something. It’ll be a good show. Ski Lodge, the band that’s playing with me, they’re really good. Talented guys.

Brazos and Ski Lodge will be at 529 tomorrow night, 12/13. Doors open at 9pm. Get your tickets here.  

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