Interview with Jacob of Splashh playing at 529 Tuesday, April 9th

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292265_361955910534058_604317291_nBy: Shelby Lum

If you are lucky, you may see the guys of Splashh sitting at one of Atlanta’s many diners, having their coffee filled up, mug after mug.

Having members from New Zealand and the UK, Splashh has never really had a chance to experience the true American lifestyle, until now that is, on their first ever American tour.

“I think I’m just looking forward to really simple things, or things you just see in the movies. Like I’m looking forward to sitting at a diner and having my coffee filled up,” said drummer Jacob Moore. “I like that simple black filter coffee in the mug; like keep it coming.”

But coffee isn’t the only thing the band is coming for on their tour of the states.

The rock band is also looking to grab footing with the American audience.

“We are really, really excited. It has always been a dream of ours to be able to come over and tour in the United States, especially being that we come from so far way,” Moore said. “When you are growing up in New Zealand it’s like this mythical, kind of magical place where all of your musical icons and idols have come from. So it’s amazing to get the opportunity to come and tour”.

Listening to Splashh, listeners may not guess that Moore had once played in a “Brit boy band invasion” band before going towards the more psychedelic rock that he plays now.

“I think that the band now is still very much influenced by rock and roll…but it’s not totally as retro. We incorporate a lot more electronic sounds and samples and things like that to give a slightly more ambient, dance hall quality,” he said.

Going through the tracks, you really do hear the ambient quality the band strives for. The songs are riddled with fuzzy feedback that creates an old school style. “I think it’s just to create a sort of dreamy aesthetic,” he said. “It has a kind of nostalgic feel.”

The band is a near infant in the music industry, having just hit a year old in February, but that doesn’t mean they are without any ambition. Moore said that Splashh’s goal is to release an album every year–a lofty goal for many bands.
Their performances are reflective of that ambition though. “We really try and give a meaningful, honest performance,” Moore said.

“When people put out a part of themselves, really put something on the line and be unafraid and unpretentious,” he continued.

Splashh is scheduled to play at 529 on Tuesday, April 9th. 


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