Picture Book & Live Review: CounterPoint Music Festival Day 3, Saturday September 29th.

[ 1 ] October 3, 2012 |

Saturday marked the third and final day of the first ever Counter.Point. It’s my personal opinion that they saved the best for last. Some of my local favorites Cousin Dan and Reptar played early in the day, then Skrillex and Pretty Lights closed the party out with remarkable acts in-between.

Cousin Dan never disappoints and it was incredible to see him on such a huge stage in the “Beat” tent. His always electric and entertaining performance was the way to have started out my day. After his set, I rushed over to Reptar. I haven’t seen the unique Athens group in at least a year and since then, they’ve only gotten bigger and better. Playing songs off their recent album, ” ……,” Reptar had the crowd dancing and “getting weird” in the best way.

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  1. Kaelin says:

    Do you have or know of anyone that has any pictures from Cousin Dan’s performance?

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