Ben Folds, Damian Kulash (OK Go), Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) and Author Neil Gaiman to Write and Record Eight Songs in Eight Hours

Ben Folds, Damian Kulash (OK Go), Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls, solo), and author Neil Gaiman set out to write and record eight songs in eight hours (4 p.m. to midnight) at Berklee College of Music, Monday, April 25, and release them 10 hours later during Rethink Music, in Boston. Like Radiohead did recently, this group plans to show how record companies are becoming superfluous to building buzz […]

AMG Weekend Picks: 500 Songs for Kids, Mike Herrera, Peter Bjorn and John and More!

Happy Almost-Weekend y’all! We hope you are all alright after those scary storms last night. Looks like the majority of us were unaffected, but we encourage you to donate or help how they can when it comes to our neighbors, whether they be in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina or anywhere. Give what you can folks! […]

Beastie Boys Offer “Filthy, Dirty, Nasty” Streaming Version of New Album

After their latest album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, was leaked early, the band sent out the following message to their fans: A message from the Beastie Boys: Good people, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, the “clean” version of our new album, The Hot Sauce Committee pt 2 has leaked. So as a […]

Q&A with Pete Yorn

By Eileen Tilson I was 18 years old the first time I ever heard Pete Yorn in Woodruff Park. Oct. 13, 2001 –ARTSCAPE — The second day of the downtown arts festival features a full day of live music, culminating with local trip-hoppers pH Balance (5.45 p.m.), rising singer/songwriter Pete Yorn (7 p.m.) and long-fallen […]

Smith’s Olde Bar Gears Up for 500 Songs For Kids, April 28 – May 7

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach This quote really sums up the mission behind Songs For Kids Foundation. The Songs For Kids Foundation brings musicians to children’s hospitals and special needs camps. For a brief moment of their day, these children get to forget what ails them and […]

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