Album Review: O’Brother’s ‘Disillusion’

PromoImageBy: Shelby Lum

Many bands find it difficult to cross the threshold of genre. Atlanta based, O’Brother, don’t. Their album, “Disillusion,” brings in seemingly different forces of music to blend and contour a specifically niche sound.

The album opens with “Come Into the Divide,” leading the record with peaceful vocals and a howling background. The combination takes listeners through an eerie opener as the layers of sound meld to form an uncanny feel. The whole album is riddled with heavy guitar and “Come Into the Divide” is the perfect way for O’Brother to set the mood for the rest of the album.

“Context” also displays a heavy guitar section. “Perilous Love” was different than most of the other tracks, with a more piercing guitar that contrasted the deep vocals.

Starting off quiet with airy, light backing vocals, “Path of Folly,” is really where you see O’Brother show off their ability to bend the rules of the genres and slam together both post-metal elements with the light vocals. Few groups can really get around the rules of a generic label, and the five piece group seems to have done so. “Path of Folly” drones into the end of the song, pushing the listener forward.

“Oblivion” changes the pace, and the vocals come barreling out of the beginning of the song with a sense of urgency.

“Disillusion” was an unexpected surprise. The nearly all instrumental track really is the bread and butter of the album. With roaring guitars that never end, “Disillusion” shows off what O’Brother is really capable of. It shows off the true musical talent of the group as a whole to put together a peace without lyrics, and really pull it off.

 O’Brother is scheduled to play at The Masquerade on Saturday, September 28!



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