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dylan michael

By: Taylor Magill

I first met Dylan Michael completely by chance in September at a coffee shop on 10th Street while he was pinning his latest EP, Afterlove, to the community cork board. A self-proclaimed “bumpkin from Marietta”, Dylan made this album in his own home and it sounds just as professional as anything I’ve ever heard. Since my first listen, I’ve been completely hooked on the versatile songs, upbeat melodies, dance-able mixes, and Dylan’s powerful voice that is reminiscent of artist like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry.

2012 was a big year for Dylan Michael with the release of his EP, performing at the Pride festivals in Atlanta, Savannah, and Pensacola, and competing in the Atlanta Sing For Your Life Competition.

Last week I sat down with the fabulous Dylan Michael to get the inside scoop on his upcoming releases, his inspiration, and his plans for 2013.


AMG: Where do you get all the inspiration for your music?

DM: The inspiration for Afterlove comes from a bad breakup I had in college. Life experiences give me inspiration. Someone will say a phrase and it will stick with me and I’ll put it in a song. The first line of my first single, “Never Been Touched”, is ‘You’re just an average boy,
You’re not the type to be set gently on a pedestal.’ I just heard someone say that once.

AMG: You’ve done a lot to only have been making music a year and a half! What is your biggest musical accomplishment so far?

DM: Playing Atlanta Pride. Lots of people, both gay and straight, apply to play Pride and never get chosen.

AMG: Do you have any big shows or releases coming up?

DM: My first full length album, Vandalized, will be out around June. I’m setting up a nationwide tour around the album release that will run April through end of July.

AMG: If you could open up for anyone, who would be a dream come true for you?

DM: Even though I’m not sure our music matches up, it would be Kelly Clarkson.

AMG: Where can fans gain access to your music?

DM: They can listen to my YouTube channel, follow me on Twitter, Like my Facebook page, or visit my website. (You can also download Dylan Michael’s EP, Afterlove, HERE.)

AMG: What are your future plans or dreams for your music career?

DM: I want to be as big as Madonna. I want to be a Britney, a Madonna, a Beyonce. I want to be a “one name” person. I said if I wasn’t famous by the time I’m 26, I would go back to school. I’m 24 now, but I feel like having a back-up plan is like having a crutch. I don’t want an excuse not to go full speed ahead.


Dylan Michael is a singer-songwriter-performer from Atlanta, GA. For more information visit his website at



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