Andy Grammer Interview- Playing The Loft on 6/18


If anyone has paid their dues to the music industry, it’s Andy Grammer. Grammer started his career as a street performer in Santa Monica, California, however his sensational talent and undeniable charisma didn’t keep him there long. He has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Taylor Swift, Train and Colbie Caillat are just a few of the big names that he’s shared the stage with. That’s not all- this singer, songwriter and musician has climbed the charts and won awards for several of his original songs, including: “Fine By Me” which is certified Gold, “Miss Me” which made it to #15 on Adult Pop Radio and “Keep Your Head Up” which is certified Platiunum and recieved the BMI award as one of 2012’s  Top 50 most performed songs across all formats.  Andy Grammer will be performing at The Loft on Wednesday, June 18th with Andrew Ripp and Brendan James.  


AMG: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Andy: I didn’t know I wanted a career in it, but I knew that I really loved writing songs in high school. I started playing guitar in like freshman year and that was when I started really falling in love with music what you can do with four minutes if do it right. The medium of songwriting became my main thing.


AMG: Obviously you’ve done a lot of live performing. You started performing as a street performer and now you’re taking the big stage, so we’re wondering what’s your favorite part about performing live.

Andy: It’s different each time. Like right now my favorite part is playing all the new songs. I got my second album coming out in August and we’re pretty much going old song, new song, old song, new song through the whole set; we did it last night for the first time and it went over super great, everyone was really excited about all the new stuff, so it’s exciting to share things people have heard yet. Right now that’s my favorite part.


AMG: What is the most memorable show that you’ve ever seen?

Andy: I saw this band called Mute Math and they were unbelievable, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them. They’re kind of known but not that well known and they put on one of the craziest shows I’ve ever seen and it was in LA and the guy was like crowdsurfing and it was insane. Check ‘em out they’re great!

And something on the same level, I just saw the Bruno show. It was outrageous. I’d say those two are my favorite. I left the Bruno Mars show and I Was like “Alright, I gotta up my game, this is outrageous.” It was really putting us all to shame and y’all need to step it up.


AMG: What’s your dream gig? Venue, lineup, the works. 

Andy: Best case scenario would be a show that was me, Coldplay, and um, right now probably Bruno. Me, Bruno, and Coldplay ….


AMG: What do you always have to have with you on tour?

Andy: It changes. Right now it’s Perrier. Sounds like such an old thing to say. But I really like it, I’ve been into Perrier a bunch. Just soda water. It’s something that we drink a lot of all the time and if you keep drinking soda, you feel terrible, but if I just keep drinking Perrier, I feel great. That’s my new addiction …


AMG: What has the recording process been like for your sophomore album?

Andy: Um, awesome! Very serene. I’m trying out a bunch of weird stuff, it’s great. The first album was very much written on the paper and then you know we’d go into the studio and be like  “Alright, how do we make this song come to life from song to song to song” and this album was written kind of a little more … like there’s guitar and there’s piano… but it was written a little more like “Alright, what’s the craziest that I would want this to sound like?” Trackwise, beatwise, and then let’s bring it back to the guitar and the piano, coming back the other way and it just is a little bit more dynamic, this album. It’s a little bit more risky and aggressive. It’s been such a fun album. Like I said, last night was the first night we played, we did a sold out show in Phoenix and everybody really went nuts for the new stuff so we can’t wait for everybody to hear it.


AMG: Do you have any shout outs or announcements, upcoming shows?

Andy: Sure, uh, I would just say hit me up on all the social media stuff I’m having a lot of fun with that lately especially since I’m on tour and I have some more time and a tour bus. I am on all of them: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (andygrammer1), hit me up. I respond, I really do. People are always freaked out when I snap ‘em back.


Don’t miss Andy Grammer at The Loft this Wednesday, June 16th. Tickets are going fast so get yours before they’re gone.



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