ATL Traffic Playlist: Five Songs to Keep You Sane in Five O’clock Traffic

The clock hits 4:50 and you are filled with joy because you know the 5 o’clock hour is upon you and that can only mean one thing: The workday is over! You clean your coffee mug, sign out of your email, and try your darndest to look busy for the next five minutes. And then it happens. The clock strikes 5 and by 5:01, you’re in your car, shoes off, music loud, and you’ve somehow miraculously forgotten everything about your day except for the DVR recordings awaiting you. But before you know it, that feeling of 5 o’clock euphoria is snatched away and you are plunged into the seemingly eternal purgatory that is Atlanta traffic! Your mind races through surface roads, alternate routes, and every friend you have in the area who may be willing to harbor a traffic refugee for a few hours, but all to no avail. You’re stuck, like the almost half a million commuters in Atlanta. But fret not! While we don’t have an instant fix for Atlanta traffic (sorry to disappoint you), we have put together a list of the best songs to get you through the rush hour without jumping off the 17th street bridge.

Song: “Cudi Zone” by Kid Cudi
Perfect for: GA 400
Why We Love It:
This song is a reminder that even when your body (and car) is sitting still, you can still escape a little in your mind.
Woosah Lyrics:
“In my, mind sounds like oooooooh…
When I’m gone it feels like ooooooh…”

Song: “Take it Easy” by The Eagles
Perfect for: I75 North
Why We Love It: This one is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but breathe and try not to let the sound of your own wheels (not moving) drive you crazy.
Woosah lyrics:
“Take It easy, take it easy
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels
drive you crazy ”

Song: “Dakota” by Stereophonics
Perfect for: I-20 West
Why We Love It: Between that nostalgia inducing melody and the sentimental lyrics, this jam will have you reminiscing about a time when life was good and you could drive faster than 5 mph.
Woosah Lyrics:
“Thinking back, thinking of you
Summertime think it was June
Yeah think it was June
Laying back, head on the grass
Chewing gum having some laughs
Yeah having some laughs.”

Song: ***** “Better Have My Money” by Rihanna
Perfect for: I-75 South
Why We Love It: By 5:30, you’ve accepted your fate and the realization has pushed you over the edge. You are now putting on full-fledged, live concerts for everyone around you. But do you care? Nope! You don’t know those people and you’ll probably never see them again (at least you hope not). Put this song on, tap into your alter ego, and rock out as you creep by Turner Field. Just keep the windows up please. Things get real when the windows go down.
Woosah Lyrics:
“Every time I drive by, I’m the only thing you’re playin’
In a drop top, doin’ hundred, y’all in my rearview mirror”

Song: Life is a Highway”– by Tom Cochrane
Perfect for: I-285
Why we love it: Whether it was your childhood road trip song or you know it from Alvin and the Chipmunks, this classic takes the stress out of any ride. Of course, the reality of cruising on an open highway with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair will have to wait until 9 p.m. when you finally get out of 285 rush hour traffic.
Woosah Lyrics:
“Life is a highway
I wanna ride it all night long
If you’re going my way
I wanna drive it all night long”

Happy Driving Atlanta!


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