Butch Walker Documentary Makes Sold Out Debut At The Nashville Film Festival

By Eileen Tilson

Atlanta’s favorite rocker-son is making his film debut tomorrow night at the Nashville Film Festival. Butch Walker: Out of Focus, is a documentary that tells the story of a man who has become a foundational force in the industry acting as music producer and songwriter, with collaborations with artists like Train, Weezer, Fall Out Boy and P!nk .  The film introduces the audience to the Butch Walker we know and love: the musician – a performer for over 20 years who has never stopped playing his own music and has a group of loyal fans that have known him for just as long. The camera follows Butch and his band, The Black Widows, as they tour internationally and record their latest album. Behind the front-man that plays tightly written rock songs influenced by his southern roots and anecdotal instincts is a loving son and father. Walker’s struggles are revealed in his relationship with an ailing father and his own journey in fatherhood raising a four-year-old son from the road and at home.

Why anyone would want to follow a day in the life of a musician that isn’t crazy like Britney, or cute like Bieber makes no sense to me….But for what it’s worth, my parents will be glad they made this. -Butch Walker

Butch Walker: Out of Focus  is in the “Music” section of the Film Festival, and the premier immediately SOLD OUT, one of the only films in the festival to do so. Butch will also be playing a show at the 12th and Porter on Wednesday to celebrate the release.

Look out for our own  Criminal Records and other spots in our pretty little city as it becomes the backdrop and hub for the movie!!

Starring Butch Walker and The Black Widows
Directed By Peter Harding & Shane Valdes
Produced By Salome Breziner, Jonathan Daniel, & Shane Valdes
Music Supervisor Andrea von Foester


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