CD Review: Citified — Absence

CitifiedAbsence Citified
eskimo kiss records

By Eileen Tilson

The Five Physiological Methods of
Perception are used by the human body to mentally grasp something outside of our
bodies. These senses: Sight, Touch, Smell, Hear and Taste, have been repeated
to us since childhood as the tools needed to fully comprehend the world around
us. On the EP Absence, from Greensboro dream-pop quartet Citified, each
of these five senses are aroused so skillfully, that by the end of the 28-minute-long album, you understand why Citified cannot just be labeled as “shoe-gazer

At first sight comes “Founded” a
wistful tune that starts out with a single guitar chord on repeat, before singer
Chris Jackson’s voice comes pouring out like a stream of light coming over the
morning horizon. “Pencil Me In” touches you with a continued plucking of guitar
strings, before adding a simple drum line. Jackson’s voice follows the pattern
of the song like a wave; his voice rising and falling with the pull of the
guitar, repeatedly singing “my friend, my self.” “Landlocked” swirls around you
immediately with reverbed voice and rhythmically locked guitar and bass, forcing
you to almost breathe in cosmic air the song creates.

You can almost hear the boats
pulling into the Mersey, with “Dutiful Scout,” a Beatlesque ditty that could
have easily landed itself on the B-sides of Please Please Me. At the end of the EP, the taste of wine
seems to flow out of  “My Family Cup” a woozy melody with buzzing guitars that
and dreamy lyrics that remain good to the last drop.

Following up after their The
Meeting After The Meeting
release from last spring, the EP was released on
Atlanta’s own eskimo kiss records. Once again recording with engineer Jerry Kee
at his Duck-Kee studio in Mebane, and with the same lineup that created The
, Chris Jackson
(singer/songwriter/guitarist), Franklin Kane (bass), Eric Ussery (drums) and
Diego Diaz (guitar/keyboards), Citified have compiled an
inspiring soundscape that will leave you understanding why their fans keep
coming back for more.


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