CD Review: Gliss — Devotion Implosion

Gliss - devotion implosion

Devotion Implosion

Cordless Recordings

By Eileen Tilson

Gliss is a Kate Moss biographical soundtrack; a beautiful mess caught between
drugs and rock and roll; Gliss is the music you listen to in the wee hours of
the morning after partying in the underbelly of a city, and are coming off a
great high.

The L.A. band's second album Devotion Implosion
is a short 10-song acid trip with fuzzed-out guitars and ambient vocals.
Mixed by Gareth Jones (who has worked with the likes of Depeche Mode, Nick
Cave and the New Puritans), the album reflects the band's musical chairs habit
of switching vocals and instruments. With detached and dreamy lyrics, the album flows from one song to the next making you feel like you are lying next to Dorothy in the
poppy fields of Oz.

Having already opened up for such acts as The
Smashing Pumpkins and The Ravonettes, the band will easily please fans of Black
Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Editors. Currently on tour with label mates
Takeover UK (who will unfortunately not be joining Gliss and The Electric Cycles in Atlanta due to illness), Gliss has put together it's own way of helping the economy with
their "Stimulus Package Tour," offering budget friendly priced shows across the
country. Being added by tastemaker radio stations like Seattle's KEXP and KRCW,
the first single "Morning Light," beams off the record as if pulling up the
shades after a night of debauchery.

Lead tracks "Morning Light," "29 Acts of Love," and "Sad
Eyes" could easily be found on the next Urban Outfitters compilation

Experience your own head trip Monday, April 20 at
the Drunken Unicorn. Tickets are available here.


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