5 MORE Atlanta Bands You Need To Know About



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With so many amazing musical acts that call Atlanta home, it’s an AMAZING time to live in this city. And since  y’all loved  the last 5 Atlanta Bands You Need To Know About post so much, we thought we’d shout out 5 more of our favorite current Atlanta acts. So check out these next 5 and as always, we love your comments and social media feedback, so keep it coming!


1. Slowriter

Slowriter’s music is a creative flow of all sorts of sounds, clips, vocals and beats that form an entirely unique blend of music. This ultra-creative, synthy artist samples moments from movies, other songs, books, etc, and turns them into something really interesting to listen to. The mastermind behind Slowriter is Atlanta’s own Bryan Taylor. And as his biography states, his songs are “infectiously catchy and strikingly quirky.” Taylor has been in the music game for more than half a decade now. He recorded and released his first album, What Keeps Me Sane, in 2009. In 2011, he followed up  his debut with a self-titled EP. Then, in 2012, Slowriter dropped TrailBlazer, which is a great description of what his music is. It’s so different from anything else out there, it’s certainly in a category of it’s own- and we dig that! For more information on Slowriter, check out his facebooktwitter and bandcamp.


2. Kate & Corey

Singer/songwriters Kate & Corey are Atlanta transplants- but we love them all the same. In 2011, they journeyed from Buffalo, New York to Atlanta, Georgia where they’ve been spreading their music and earning loyal fans ever since. Kate & Corey write some beautiful, plucky love songs that serve as a lovely reflection of their lives-Kate & Corey were married in June of last year, turning their musical relationship into an adorable marriage. Both members of the duo are extremely talented guitar players and have voices that could stand alone beautifully but are even better as they complement each other. The twosome has won and been nominated for numerous awards, most recently earning a nomination for Best American/Bluegrass group for the 2014 Georgia Music Awards. Kate and Corey are always playing here and there around Atlanta and the Southeast, so check out their tour schedule on their website. Get further connected with the duo by linking up with them on twitter and facebook.


3. Little Tybee

Little Tybee is undoubtedly one of the coolest indie bands around. This six-piece outfit got their start in coastal Georgia before making their way up to Atlanta, where they’ve thrived as one of the big city’s favorite local artists.  Creative Loafing praised the act stating, “The group, under the direction of mastermind Brock Scott, has become one of Atlanta’s favorite sons  by creating pure, orchestral pop with sparkling string arrangements and artful sensibility.” Get all the details on this super rad band on their website, and stay up to date with their tour information and other important news on their twitter and facebook.


4. The Shadowboxers

The Shadowboxers are Atlanta’s own hometown boys. Adam Hoffman, Matt Lipkins and Scott Schwartz started the group when they met back in 2008 at Emory University. Cole McSween and Carlos Enamorado were eventually added to the band to complete the five-piece pop outfit. The Shadowboxers have worked with some big names, including The Indigo Girls, who they toured with a couple years back. The group produces soulful pop music that speaks to the mind while feeding the soul. Want to see The Shadowboxers live? Well you’re in luck! They’re playing the PARKLIFE festival on September 7th at Atlantic Station (click here for tickets). For more information on The Shadowboxers, check out their website, twitter and facebook



5. Pillage & Plunder

Pillage & Plunder is an Atlanta-based three-piece act. The band is composed of Gokul Parasuram on guitar, bass and vocals, Hsiang-Ming Wen, also on bass, guitar and vocals and Noah Kess on drums. The group’s biography claims the threesome was “weaned on the teat of comic books, video games, jazz, mathematics, punk and prog.” This threesome clearly has a good sense of humor, but if there’s one thing they take seriously, it’s their music. Their music is a delightful combination of ’50s martini-lounge, ’70s psych-prog and early ’90s pop punk. The group has been dropping singles and EP’s since 2009 but 2014 marks their first LP. Pillage and Plunder will release The Show Music Go Wrong on August 8, 2014. Want to see Pillage & Plunger LIVE? Check ’em out as they celebrate the release of their debut LP, The Show Must Go Wrong, THIS Friday, August 8th at one of our favorite venues, The Drunken Unicorn. Tickets are $10. Check out Pillage & Plunders website, twitter, facebook or soundcloud for more information and to hear some more of their tunes.



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