CD Review: Golden — Night Reminds the Day



Night Reminds the Day


By Leila Regan-Porter

Golden makes their mark on the Atlanta music scene by managing to mix up a slew of genres to keep their music constantly interesting. Mostly veering on the side of alternative rock, with Joshua Golden's strong and clear vocals (reminiscent of Train's Patrick Monahan) leading the way. The echoing guitar of Adam Knight frequently gets to shine, leading the band into jam territory, but it's always pulled back just in time to keep the songs focused and succinct; like in the unearthly "Gravity," which goes from airy to heavy and complex in a matter of seconds with Knight's screaming guitar.

Likewise, on "The Giant," moody guitars and stormy drums swirl with ethereal vocals wordlessly resounding somewhere in the background, giving the impression of a storm approaching, as the band comes close to venturing into prog rock. But the band can turn right back around and do a delicately pretty acoustic ballad like "Lauren" just as easily, as well as a country-tinged pop song like "Seventeen Days, dominated by uplifting piano, country fiddle and slide guitar.

On the whole of Night Reminds the Day, the band takes intricate bass, shimmery guitars and sometimes-philosophical lyrics to mix up blues, jazz, country and soul with their solid form of rock, changing sounds and tones all the time, but constantly oozing with passion.

Golden's CD Release Party is tonight. RSVP at [email protected] to get in!


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