CD Review: Misery Loves Chachi – Long Live the Lazy Choir

By Ellen Eldridge


Nathan Sadler, the musical voice behind Misery Loves Chachi, spent more than three years experimenting and commiserating among his keyboards to compose 25 songs, of which four tracks representing the lighter and more hopeful side of displacement and unemployment emerged. These four songs are being released today (June 11) as the debut EP for Misery Loves Chachi, Long Live the Lazy Choir.

The alliteration in the EP’s title will draw close those who delight in lyrics and literary themes. The initial electronic vibe in “All is Alive” will draw in fans of melody and the backing vocals and pulsing chord progression in “Trick of the Light” will win over those who weren’t sure.

The delicate opening piano and soft-spoken lyrical melodies in “King” carry a subtle sadness with an undercurrent of hope. Fans will hear that Sadler accomplished his goal of casting out into the world four songs with a survivalist spirit in the line, “You can crown me king of self-sabotage, but I know everything’s going to be alright someday soon.” It’s haunting vocal refrain repeating the second half of the line shows an inner desire of the song’s narrator to convince himself. This is probably the key in learning to move on past life’s disappointments.

The ironic juxtaposition of the question, “Is this the end of the world” and the high-pitched notes bouncing along like a ball over lyric lines at karaoke night solidify the fun feeling of Long Live the Lazy Choir within a construct of true creativity and thought.

Atlanta area fans of feel-good, soulful music in an electronic vein would do well to come out to 529 Tuesday night for the release party of Long Live the Lazy Choir.



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