Eddie’s Attic ticketing help

A couple of weeks ago a small ticketing company in Raleigh, NC collapsed and abruptly emailed their clients to let them know they were stopping business effective immediately. Eddie’s Attic was one of those clients. Eddie’s Attic had already been in discussions with Ticket Alternative to switch to their system, a process that was quickly pushed through when the other company collapsed.

Unfortunately, Eddie’s Attic is not sure if they will ever receive their ticketing revenue from the company that collapsed and so is advising ticket holders to dispute the charge on their credit card from the previous company. This will drastically reduce the outstanding amount of money owed to them.

If you bought tickets from Eddie’s Attic before December 7th from anyone other than Ticket Alternative, you are advised to purchase new tickets and dispute the original charge on your credit card.

Eddie’s Attic is doing everything they can to accommodate everyone, but is asking for your help. By disputing the charge, you’re helping to reduce the amount of money owed to the venue which is so vital to them.

If you have any questions about your tickets, you’re encouraged to contact either Ticket Alternative at 877-725-8849 or Eddie’s Attic 404-377-4976


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