Frank Bell- On Passion and Reason

Frank Bell
On Passion and Reason

By Kim Burdges

Frank_bell_onpassionandreason Frank Bell may be one of Atlanta’s many talented singer/ songwriters, but his new EP, On Passion and Reason, brings something more than just the typical well written acoustic album: a touch of jazz and soul.

With vocals and lyrics reminiscent of John Legend, Bell utilizes the guitar to the extent Legend uses the piano to craft his easy soulful songs. “Red” and the breezy “Floating” beautifully showcase Bell’s use of guitar, soul, and blues tones in conveying his lyrics. Bell’s rapid stream of consciousness and bluesy pop rhythm on “Nothing Lasts FOURever” echo many of Jason Mraz’s most popular radio hits.

Bell’s gentle crescendo orchestration on “Rewind” is a nice touch for a song that is about wanting to reverse how a relationship was handled. Also included on the EP is “The Penguin” a quirky tune about a talking penguin, in which Bell equates falling in love to falling through ice. On Passion and Reason is an impressive debut of a gifted artist with a bright future and many more albums to come.

On Passion and Reason will be released worldwide on iTunes. August 5, 2008.


  1. 8.5.08 is going to be serious for this kid.

  2. Frank Bell is amazing. Can’t wait to buy the album.

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