GMP white paper

GMP Releases White Paper Identifying Challenges and Opportunities Facing Georgia’s Music Industry

GMP white paper

Georgia Music Partners (GMP), the advocacy arm of The Recording Academy® Atlanta Chapter, has published a white paper on Georgia’s music industry that provides an analysis of the competitive challenges and opportunities to boost the economic impact of Georgia music while building an international brand. To download a copy of the white paper, visit

The white paper addresses issues facing Georgia’s music industry sectors, including the creative community, music high tech, media post-production and live music and entertainment. It also explores Georgia’s music industry growth areas in marketing, financial investment and higher education.

“What marvelous opportunities are before us to strengthen and grow Georgia’s music industry,” said Michele Rhea Caplinger, Senior Executive Director, The Recording Academy Atlanta Chapter and Vice President of GMP. “The collective enthusiasm within our creative community is contagious and unstoppable. Georgia’s great diversity is a perfect complement for growing our fertile creative landscape. It’s time to link arms, brain trust and resources. If we can create meaningful market brand awareness for Georgia music, as well as facilitate improved partnerships between education and the music industry, we are certain to realize greater success for a healthier music economy in Georgia.”

The white paper also addresses the growing music economies of cities such as Austin, Nashville, and New York City, and notes that there is much growth opportunity in the state as well as the city of Atlanta. There is already much technological entrepreneurship emerging in the Atlanta area, creating opportunities in production music licensing, digital distribution, music promotion, and live music production. Recent Atlanta-based technology-enabled entertainment start-ups include production music licensing platforms Affix Music and Placement Music, ticketing company Ticket Alternative, music gamification apps such as Zooz and Songsterr, and more.

“If we, as the creators, producers, engineers, promoters, distributors, consumers and fans of Georgia music, can come together as a community and find a single voice to rally behind, we have the opportunity to turn Atlanta into a true music capital. We can fuel an economic engine built on tourism, creative services and, above all, some great music.” – Brandon Bush, music publisher, Songs of The Architecht; songwriter, John Mayer, Train; touring musician

GMP’s ultimate goal is to make the state of Georgia a destination hub for the wide spectrum of employment opportunities available that include music, such as music recording, gaming, web design, post-production, and music education. They wish to engage local and state government, schools, companies, and musicians to identify, develop and capitalize on opportunities to retain talent in the state. They seek to increase opportunities for both start-up and existing businesses and music people by leveraging statewide strengths and escalating revenue growth. The programs they seek to develop and promote start at the education stage and continue through the life cycle of a music person and a music company’s career.

Their three focus areas are:

  1. Create and Market Brand Awareness for Georgia Music
  2. Promote Growth in Georgia’s Music Economy
  3. Advocate for Improved Partnership Between Education and Current Industry Needs

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