Gringo Star to Preview New Documentary “Hurry Up And Wait” at SXSW – View the Trailer Here

Hurry Up and Wait Trailer from Hurry Up and Wait on Vimeo.

One of our favorite bands in Atlanta, Gringo Star, has been working on a great film documenting the ups and downs of their 2009 European tour. There will be a sneak peak of the film at SXSW – if you’re going, be sure to check out. Here’s some more info on the film:

A film by Malone Pictures, on Gringo Star’s journey through their 2009 European and UK tour.

In 2009, film maker Justin Malone and producer Lior Spirer followed Nick and Peter Furgiuele, Peter DeLorenzo and Matt McCalvin on a six week journey through fourteen countries. Playing at large and lavish European venues each night (opening for And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead), the shows attract hundreds of eager new fans, and the positivity is everywhere. Energized by this newfound exposure, sleeping on park benches and showering with cologne each day doesn’t seem to phase the ‘Gringos’ one bit and the headliners boast of Gringo Star’s determination and talent.

The band is flying high – years of hard work seem to finally be paying off, with them getting the recognition that few bands achieve. With things going so well, it feels like Gringo Star’s dreams of success are just around the corner, but it’s a jolt back to reality when the band hits the U.K. There, the cliquish music scene leaves them with much smaller audiences and faltering hopes. Playing in dimly lit clubs with no promotion and crowds measuring in the tens rather than the hundreds, the band is deflated by largely unenthusiastic onlookers…

Things take an upward turn though when the band is rescued by devoted locals who are familiar with them from previous UK tours. With outdoor hygiene and camping losing its bohemian charm and with tempers fraying, their loyal fans’ food, shelter and encouragement makes it a whole lot easier for Gringo Star to continue with renewed vigor, which leads to some stellar shows . Through the tour’s bends and twists, the band discovers that success can be tantalizingly close, but just out of reach.  The highest highs of the trip make the lows feel even lower, but despite all obstacles and the sobering effects of the roller coaster ride, the band’s undeniable work ethic and fierce passion for the music prevail, and Gringo Star emerges ready for more.

Gringo Star next plays Atlanta on April 16 at The EARL with Mumpsy. Tickets are on sale now at Ticket Alternative.


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