Interview: Catie Curtis @ Eddie’s Attic 1/26

Catie Curtis

Since the release of her last album in 2009,  Catie Curtis has toured extensively, playing a number of diverse venues ranging from Chicago’s legendary Old Town School of Folk Music to the White House. On her new album Stretch Limousine,  Curtis delivers some of the finest material of her career: ten original songs that push at her own musical boundaries and explore “the difficult edges of passing events” in life, harsh realities that are tempered with moments of fleeting beauty. Catie Curtis continues to stretch her own boundaries to ensure that, despite the rough edges in life, there will always be those moments of beauty.

Interview by Andrew Chatwood of Eddie’s Attic.


What’s the first gig you ever attended?

Tiny Tim, South Portland ME, 1972


What is the best gig that you ever performed?

At the Tractor Tavern in Seattle at the end of a long band tour, my acoustic guitar pick-up died, so I played the whole show on my Fender telecaster.  I freakin’ loved rocking out like that.  My fans didn’t feel quite as enthusiastic about it as I…


What is the best gig you have ever seen?

Lucinda Williams in Austin, TX when I was there for SXSW. She was in the zone!! It felt like a combination of a high school dance (intense and sweaty) and a religious experience (transcendant!)


Gig you would most like to play?

I’d really like to be on Letterman one of these days.


What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

The guys I know and love here in Boston, but I’d get to treat ’em right if it was a dream gig! Duke Levine on guitar, Richard Gates on bass, Jim Gwin on drums, Jimmy Ryan on mandolin, Jenna Lindbo on banjo and harmonies, Jaime Edwards on keys and Liz Barnez on cajon and vocals.  Liz will be with me at Eddies!


 Come and see Catie Curtis at Eddie’s Attic, this Sunday, January 26th!

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