Interview: Moontower @ Smith’s Olde Bar 1/25


Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Moontower was developed by the simple fact of good friends getting together to do what they love: play music! Moontower has been playing the local music scene for over seven years and has what it takes to jam with the best of the best. The band brings its talents to Smith’s Olde Bar this Saturday, January 25th, and Alex May caught up with the band.


You’ve been playing locally for close to a decade now, what are some of the things that characterize the Atlanta music scene?

The thing I love about the Atlanta music scene is that there is no limit as to whats out there. You can always find something new to check out and every genre of music is represented well. Super pumped to have The Deadfields, The Daniels Brothers Band and Brian Wiltsey on the bill this Saturday. 3 great bands with their own unique sound. One thing they do have in common is that they rock. It’s gonna be kind of like a mini Festeroo in the winter time.


On your site, you mention that the band was formed by good friends getting together to play music. Was there a conscious effort in deciding the direction that the bands sound would take?

Not really. Back when we started, everyone in the band brought their own style to the table and that’s what transformed into the Moontower sound. I’ve always had a tough time describing what kind of band we are. For one song we may sound like a country southern rock band and then the next song we may sound like a funk blues band or something. Our main concern is trying to make good music rather than try and fit into a genre. We just wanna play something that really cooks.


The band has an impressive list of song covers and genre styles. What are some of your favorite songs to play?

Right now my favorite song to play is George Harrison’s “Awaiting On You All.” Its just a nice upbeat song with some cool chord progressions. And it’s short and sweet. We recorded a version on our album. We somewhat made it our own and I love how it came out. Also, we did just learn “That Thing You Do” by The Wonders. That’s a fun one. I love that song and movie. A guilty pleasure in a way I guess.


When writing original songs, how does the process usually start?

Every song I have written has started with the music first. It usually always starts with a simple piano or guitar riff or a drum machine with a bass line or something. Then I go from there with the way the music makes me feel. I have yet to be walking down the street and a lyric come to my head and I say “that’s a song!” Maybe I should try and channel Dewey Cox more often. He did make those customers dance erotically.


Your album is up for download on your website, and can be streamed on Spotify. What are your thoughts on the music industry’s moving towards easier access to free music?

Personally, at this moment, I love that we can give away our music so easily. You can download everything we have recorded for free at We enjoy doing it and music is made to be heard, of course. The same music is also for sale on iTunes and we appreciate the people who have spent their hard earned money on helping us break even on something we had fun doing. All that being said, if we somehow wrote a song that entertains millions of people, it’d be nice to have $1 from those people rather than $0. The last thing you want to happen is get munsoned.


You have shared the stage with several well known artists, who are some that you still hope to play alongside?

We have been fortunate to play some cool festivals in town that had some great acts on the bill. That’s another great thing about Atlanta. There is some kind of music festival happening pretty much every weekend. To answer the question – McCartney, Springsteen, Fogerty to name a few. Is that too much to ask? It’s always fun to dream up a Waynestock. I have yet to meet Jim Morrison and a weird naked indian in my dream though.


Having played a multitude of shows, what are some of the skills that you find most important in performing live?

An empty bladder and warm hands



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