Interview: Twenty One Pilots; Played Hangout Fest 5/17

The duo that is Twenty One Pilots – Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun – has earned widespread applause for their energetic live sets and distinctive fusion of piano-driven schizoid pop and lyrical uplift. No strangers to the road, Twenty One Pilots has built a fervent national following via their electrifying live performances at innumerable headline shows and tours. The band made its Fueled By Ramen debut with a new EP titled Three Songs released Summer 2012 and was followed by a full-length album titled Vessel available now.

Not surprisingly, Twenty One Pilots blew our minds during their set on Friday, May 17 at Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Their live performance was so intriguing; we couldn’t take your eyes off the stage. Luckily the guys spared a few minutes to talk with us after their set! Check it out below!

What song are you the most proud of and why?

Tyler Joseph: There’s a song called “Ode to Sleep” that’s the first song on our album that kind of is all over the place as far as what genre it is and we really like to play that song first whenever we play in front of people just so that they kind of get the feeling that they won’t be able to expect what’s going come next.

Do your dance moves come naturally or do you practice every day?

Tyler Joseph: Well we are playing shows everyday so one would argue that I get to practice everyday. What we do on stage is really just letting the music take over our bodies and everything else and just not really think about it.

Is your mom really mean, if so, do you have a story for that? (Tyler joked about his mom being mean during the set.)

Tyler Joseph: My mom’s a tough cookie for sure. I was homeschooled through a lot my schooling so I got to really get to really know my mom on all kinds of different levels, as a teacher, as well. I love her to death and she’s one of my biggest fans and supporters but she definitely has a bit of a chip on her shoulder too.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Tyler Joseph: Some fans try to get us to sign different parts of their bodies that may not be appropriate and sometimes I don’t think it’s worth it that our moms would be mad at us. That’s the go to thing these days, that our moms would be upset.

If today was your last day on Earth what would you guys want to do?

Tyler Joseph: If today was the last day on earth I would want to go home.

Josh Dun: I would want to play more music. This is a pretty good way to end the earth, right by the beach. I would play music and jump in the water and swim as far out into the ocean as possible

Is there any reason that you have the skeleton theme to your music?

Tyler Joseph: The skeleton started out as really trying to get peoples attention when we first started playing because no one knew who we were so we started out playing the smallest clubs and bars you could think of, it was a strategy to get the guys [5 dudes at the venue] watching a sports game to turn around and watch us play music so we were like lets wear skeletons to get their attention. We’ve been doing it ever since.

Check out the duo this September 28 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater with Fall Out Boy! Tickets ON SALE NOW!



  1. I really love twenty one pilots. I can relate to a lot of the songs that they play, so I feel that kind of adds onto my love for Tyler and Josh. They are so creative and every time I listen to their songs I get super happy. And also they are extremely funny, and I probably watched all their vines and funny moments on YouTube.❤️

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