Interview: The Maine- Playing @ The Loft July 13th

IMG_9703_webBy: Shelby Lum

The guys from The Maine have been busy since their 2008 release “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” including releasing their latest album a few weeks ago on June 4th.

Singer, John O’Callaghan,¬†took some time to chat with Atlanta Music Guide about The Maine’s newest album, and their upcoming show in Atlanta at The Loft on July 13th. Check out the interview below!


“Forever Halloween” was your second album released independently. Why did you choose to step away from the label? Do you feel you have more freedom this way?

The decision to part ways with our label was made out of necessity. Creativity was being micromanaged by those who should have no part in that process in the first place so we did what we had to in order to put ourselves in a position where we could call the shots. The dynamic we are in currently promotes utter control of each and every decision we make as a band.

When you guys first began thinking of forming a band a few years ago, what did you have in mind? Did it turn out in the way you thought it would or something totally different?

We were young (younger) and making it up as we went much as we are now. I believe the difference now is that we are sincerely trying to grow as musicians and songwriters and our passion for music is more fervent than ever. So to answer the question, we have no idea where this is going but it feels right at the moment and I heard a saying once, “if it’s good to ya, it’s gotta be good for ya.”

“Forever Halloween” was recorded on analog tape rather than digitally. A lot of times today bands will do that to get a grungier, grittier tone, was that a stylistic choice for you guys or something else?

In my opinion the sound is warmer. The live aspect we recorded in brought out all of the stylistic nuances that we create accidentally as five people. The human element can be felt throughout, the tempo changes even though we recorded to a click. We just wanted a raw representation of our abilities at this point in time, and I think we achieved just that.

You are a few weeks off your album release now. What’s the verdict? How has the reception and the tour been for it so far?

I couldn’t be happier with the support we’ve been shown out here on the road and online. Very humbling indeed to put out an independent record and feel so much love surrounding it. We can’t wait to play for all those who want to hear.

What’s the best and worst part of being on tour and constantly performing?

The worst part might be trying to stay healthy. It’s tough constantly changing climates and using the same recycled air as ten other people. The best part is being able to share the road with 25 or so other people and play music for those who come to see shows. Definitely the most rewarding part.

What do you think is the biggest difference between “Forever Halloween” and your earlier music like “Stay Up, Get Down?”

The length of our hair.

You’ve been touring for awhile now. Have any crazy stories of things fans have done at shows (or not at shows)?

Reading letters and hearing stories from people about how our music has helped is something I will never get over. Those accounts in themselves are “crazy”. It’s all a good crazy of course. Thankfully nothing too crazy crazy has happened.

How did you come up with the band name The Maine?

Funny you ask because I am currently in Portland, ME writing this now. We got the name from a band called Ivory and the song was titled “Coast of Maine”. We had a show seven years ago and just ran with the name!

What’s the song writing process like for you guys?

More often than not, I have an idea that I bring to the table (could be just a chorus or a full mapped out song), and from there I take it to the guys and we hash it out as a whole.

What’s the one thing you can’t leave home without when going on tour?

Socks and underwear!!!!!

The Maine are scheduled to play at The Loft on Saturday, July 13th.

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