Interview with Kurt Thomas; Playing @ The Dogwood Festival on 4/20!

kurtthomas5By: Shelby Lum

Peaches. The Braves. A lot of traffic. And country music. That’s what Atlanta and Georgia are known for–or some of the things that is.

Kurt Thomas is part of that Georgia culture with his keen sense of country music.

“If you listen to my songs, I’m just country and just way down here, and all these songs have a little bit of Georgia in them,” Thomas said.

The Dahlonega native has been seeking to master his art since being inspired to create music at his high school graduation, and after buying and learning guitar from friend, Zac Brown, the rest is history.

“Like a lot of kids I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do,” Thomas said. The performance he saw at his graduation changed his perspective. “When I saw (Jay Drummonds) doing that I was like that’s what I wanted to do.”

Since beginning, he has found humor mixed with good music is what really keeps fans interested. “To be energetic while you’re playing is a big thing for me, the other thing is to be funny,” he said. “Make them laugh in between songs and that keeps them interested.”

The stage presence he has worked on cultivating didn’t come immediately though. Through watching fellow musicians on tour, Thomas honed and perfected how to act on stage.

“The one thing that’s really cool to watch is their stage presence,” Thomas said of watching fellow musicians on tour. “It’s good to really pick up on what they do.”

For Thomas, a performance is not just about music, but about the quality of the show as well.

“The whole name of the game is keeping people entertained,” he said.

His newest endevour will be opening at the Dogwood Festival on Saturday. “We are really excited to be opening up for Sara Evans,” Thomas said. Saturday will be the 77th anniversary of the show, and it has become one of Atlanta’s traditions by bringing in music, art, food, and everything in between.

Kurt Thomas will be opening for Sara Evans at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival on Saturday, April 20th. 


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