Last Ever Big Trouble In Little Five Points This Thursday With The Barreracudas

We’re sad to have to announce that the last ever Big Trouble in Little Five Points is taking place this Thursday. From the horses’ mouthes:

Just like the Beatles, Ebbet’s Field and Michael Jordan’s first retirement, sometimes the right time to say goodbye happens to be when things are still rolling along.

This month marks the Third Year Anniversary of Pop Death Squad’s free Thursday showcase, Big Trouble in Little Five Points, and it is also the last ever Big Trouble. Why? Things get busy. Hoffman tours the globe with the Constellations, Luis manages badass bands like Young Orchids while working at local powerhouse Ticket Alternative, Baker runs Citysearch Atlanta, the website for the Masters tournament and is developing a television show pilot. Never fear, there will still be kickass Pop Death Squad events and newsletters to keep you in the know… but this, is the last Big Trouble.

UNO MAS :: For the finale, we’re keeping it in the family. Headlining will be the Barreracudas, which is a re-configuration of the Hiss, who headlined the very first Big Trouble. Star Bar booking agent Bryan Malone’s legendary Atlanta outfit, the Forty-Fives kindly fills the middle slot while out-of-town  power-poppers (and swinging through ATL at the end of their a nationwide tour) Moto and Midnight Creeps kick things off. Doors at 9pm, show at 10pm. 21+, and duh, it’s FREE. Grab a pal, a PBR and come toast the end of a great 3 years at Star Bar.

Sounds like it’ll be a pretty kick-ass, rockin’ show, as always, from the good folks at Pop Death Squad. And we’re certainly looking forward to hearing more from them in the future – they’ve already got a pretty darn awesome Trances Arc in store and CD release party coming up this Saturday, so be sure to check that out HERE.


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