Live Review and Q&A: Carnivores at the High Museum of Art, January 28

Review and photos by Stephanie Roman

From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. last Saturday night, a line of young artists and muses snaked to the entrance of the High Museum. For only $7, college students could gain access to the museum’s permanent collection, two bands, one DJ, two art workshops, and the museum’s featured exhibition, Picasso to Warhol: 14 Modern Masters. To fuel up for all of this, I grabbed a cup of coffee at the Warhol-themed Max’s Kansas City. Next, I took a peek inside two rooms where students could create jewelry inspired by Alexander Calder, and modern drip paintings like Pollock. The event continued until midnight, and must have hosted hundreds of students. I even spotted the Museum’s Director, Michael Shapiro, stopping by to check out the music.

Atlanta’s own modern masters, Carnivores, took the stage around 9pm. Pablo Gnecco provided original light projection artwork behind the band for an authentic 1960s vibe. Carnivores sound different every time I see them, but tonight’s set included energetic garage and psychedelic rock. The band closed with a cover of (what else?) “Pablo Picasso,” originally released by The Modern Lovers and notably recorded by David Bowie in 2003. After their set, DJ Santiago Paramo warmed up the dance floor with Latin-inspired grooves echoing throughout the atrium of the Stent Wing. The entire night was a true delight, and I hope the High Museum continues to provide this type of opportunity for young people to flirt with fashion, art, and music.

We snagged Carnivores drummer Ross Politi at The Factory for a few questions too:

If Carnivores were a Campbell’s Soup flavor, which would you be?

They would be the one that sparkles in the night sky. Filled with Noodle Rainbows and Twirling Seaweed Comets, crashing upon the canned goods isle at every Kroger and Whole Foods in the Southeast.


If Carnivores could provide the soundtrack to Warhol’s film “Chelsea Girls,” what song would you include in the opening scene where Nico trims her bangs for 15 minutes?

We would feature all of our songs played at the same time in that scene. I think that movie needs more of a shrilling soundtrack anyway. Maybe even do some mash-ups with Huey Lewis and Faust songs. I think Andy Warhol would really appreciate that. Yeah.

Who is your favorite artist of the 14 Modern Masters from this exhibition?

My favorite artist of the 14 Modern Masters is probably Mondrian because of his absence of green. I think this came from a traumatizing childhood of being force fed Hi-C Ecto Cooler from one of those things hamsters drink from.

The High Museum hosts several student art events throughout the year including College Night and Culture Shock. Come out, have fun, and support the arts in Atlanta!


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