Live Review & Picture Book: A Silent Film w/ Carousel, Jan. 30 at Vinyl



Live Review by Molly Free, Photos by Mae Elizabeth

Braving the rain and tornado warnings, I ventured down to cozy Vinyl to check out A Silent Film.  Band Carousel kicked off the night with their electronic love inspired songs. I really enjoyed this duo, their sound was unique and their soft voices and romantic lyrics would make any girl melt on the dance floor. My favorite part of this opening set was the cover of Robyn’s song “Dancing On My Own”, which to my surprise no one in the audience seemed to know. Carousel, I promise Atlanta has decent taste in music!

A Silent Film took the stage shortly after, and all I can say is this band needs to be owning a bigger stage with their incredible energy and powerful sound. Perhaps, Center Stage next? Slender men dressed in skinny jeans and button downs with their UK accents to match, I was in heaven. Opening with “Reaching the Potential” from their newest album Sand & Snow, you couldn’t help but dance, sing along, and have a smile on your face. Lead singer Robert Stevenson’s energy was incredibly infectious. He was practically in the crowd singing and has that amazing power to make it seem like he is only singing to you (a gal can dream right?) Their sound reminded me of an 80’s Coldplay. A highlight for me was their adrenaline pumping tune, “Driven By A Beating Heart” which you could picture playing during the climax of any primetime TV drama. Other memorable moments from this uplifting show included, “Thousand Mile Race” and current hit “Danny, Dakota, & the Wishing Well”. You certainly didn’t feel like it was a cold rainy Wednesday night after this captivating show. Sand & Snow is available now.



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