Live Review: Vonnegutt at Smith’s Olde Bar, April 13

By Justin Lyons; photo by Dale at NetFreqTV

Fans were probably wondering if Vonnegutt could match the energetic opening performance from drummer/DJ duo ALIen last Friday night at Smith’s Olde Bar.  Luckily, the four-piece outfit from Atlanta/Marietta still knew how to bring a raucous party with hits of new and old.  Opening with a nod to Flux Pavilion’s banger “I Can’t Stop” certainly didn’t hurt either.

Its been a minute since Kyle Lucas and the fellas from Vonnegutt have graced the intimate stage at Smith’s Olde Bar.  In between a mixtape release, mini tours around the country and a trip to SXSW, Vonnegutt has been putting the finishing touches on their official debut, Falling Up The Stairs.  Though the album has been about five years in the making, Friday’s show might have been their most complete to date.  

To ensure fans didn’t see the same set that has gained a faithful following, Vonnegutt tested out material never performed live and hits that have grown since the band’s early days.  Classics from the Vice Nine EP like mid tempo cut “On My Side,” favorite sing-a-long “Shaky Love”  and a tight rendition of the catchiest song in the band’s arsenal, “Here We Go Again” had revelers moving consistently.  The band justly spiced things up on “Bright Eyes,” arguably their most popular song to date incorporating Seattle producer Captain Midnite’s dubstep enhanced remix.  Those Vonnegut fans who have been pining to see some solo Kyle Lucas tracks translated live were even treated to a thumping interpretation of Lucas’ aptly titled track “So High.” 

Vonnegutt has had the luxury of special guest appearances from time to time, including label head honcho Big Boi.  Lucas made sure to make the crowd aware Will Pugh from Cartel was not in the building, but you could get the sense that new cut “Knock” would sound even better with Pugh featured on the album.  The guys made their boss proud in making “Follow Us” their even more upbeat with knocking drums by Taylor White and guitarist/lead singer Neil Garrard’s memorable crooning.  Also new for many fans in the crowd was the addition of bassist Jimmy Conley, who gave Garrard some assistance with vocals.  

Vonnegutt shows typically include a few choice covers that they manage to make their own and Friday wasn’t any different.  A furious rendition of Drake’s boastful “Headlines” was particularly rowdy with Kyle playing the role of Drizzy.  They later brought down the house in typical fashion with a track “only people from Atlanta know” in Kilo Ali’s “Love In Your Mouth.”  Free .99 hit “Going Home” appropriately ended the night and the band made sure fans knew to look for a single that will be hitting radio in the next month.  While five years may be an eternity in the music industry, Vonnegutt looked ready to prove their debut will have been more than worth the wait.

Set List
– I Can’t Stop (Intro)
-Too Close
-On My Side
-Follow Us
-Headlines (Drake cover)
-Bright Eyes/Remix
-Shaky Love
-Ode To Whats Left Of Hope
-So High
-Here We Go Again
-Going Home
-Love in ya Mouth (Kilo Ali cover)


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