Local Spotlight: The Shadowboxers


The Shadowboxers have a passion for captivating lyrics, tight harmonies, and soulful vocals. Founding members Scott Schwartz, Matt Lipkins, and Adam Hoffman experienced an almost-instantaneous musical compatibility when they first started writing together in 2008. Since then, they’ve shaped a cohesive sound based on a shared reverence for the strong, taut harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel, D’Angelo, and The Beatles. This young band’s unified sound has an smart, R&B-soaked perspective loaded with smooth vocal talent and songwriting skill. In the short time they’ve been playing together, The Shadowboxers have found a collective voice that is intelligent, soulful, and catchy.

Nashville native Schwartz (guitar, vocals), Iowan Hoffman (guitar, vocals) and New Yorker Lipkins (vocals, keyboards) have been making music together since their sophomore years at Atlanta’s Emory University and have become quite the local success story in our humble city. “We pride ourselves on having a current and relevant sound, but there’s also a noticeable classic-roots groove element,” says Schwartz.

“There are three different songwriters in this band. ‘Love on This Side’ and ‘Bad Guy’ [from their debut album Red Room] are totally different songs,” he continued. “But I like that about us—that each song is unique, and that we offer different styles that summon diverse emotions. And the element that keeps everything cohesive is our voices, especially our vocal harmonies, so that the songs are always going to be delivered in the same vessel. Also, each of us has a knack for writing catchy, singable melodies. That feature threads through the record, so that even if the style of a particular song seems to be on the limits of our sound, the melody will reel it back towards the herd.”

On top of all that, Justin Timberlake loves them. As a part of the band’s #FirstTuesdayCovers series, they covered J.T.’s Pusher Love Girl and the man himself praised them for taking the song and making it their own.

The Shadowboxers will be playing alongside Jake Bugg, The Lone Bellow, The Wild Feathers, LP, The Weeks at the first annual PARKLIFE Music Festival on September 7th.




Stay up to date with the Shadowboxers on their website, Twitter, and Facebook. Also check out our interview with The Shadowboxers to find out about their strangest moments as a band, pre-show rituals, and the best way to write music.


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