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Mgmtnew_01 I know it’s been Whigs fever here in Atlanta with their massively successful CD release at The EARL last week plus an appearance on Letterman tonight….but, did you ever wonder what happened to their old bassist, Hank? Well, here he is! Hank has joined the ranks of Brooklyn band MGMT. Just like his Whigs brethren, MGMT had an amazing show at The EARL recently, and they even warmed Letterman’s stage not too long ago.

If you are fan of Arcade Fire’s anthemic choruses or Flaming Lips’ bouncing psychedelia, then you can get into a little MGMT. Oh, and that is "M-G-M-T." Don’t call them "Management" ’cause everyone will know you’re not really hip.

"Time To Pretend” on YouTube:


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