Picture Book & Live Review: Device @ The Loft 5/3!


Photos by Deidra Pinion

As a fan of David Draiman, I have been following his music since the beginning. In 2012, David announced a new project, Device. Device performed Friday night at The Loft, and did not disappoint. They opened the show with “Penance”, from their self-titled album, “Device”. They also played “Vilify”, which has climbed its way to #1 on the Active Rock Charts. To top it off, Device just celebrated a Golden God Award win.

Among the other songs played were, “Close my eyes” and “Part of me”, which are also on the Device album. At one point in the show, a couple of fans were about to fight. David stopped the music, asked them to calm down, and explained the rules of the pit at his show. “If your brother falls, you pick him up, do not hit a woman, and no fighting”. Things calmed down afterward. After seeing that, it only makes me respect him so much more! He just wanted everyone to be able to enjoy themselves.

Towards the end of the show, Aaron Nordstrom, the singer for Gemini Syndrome, who opened for Device, joined David on stage. It was definitely a special treat for the crowd! They closed the show with a Nine Inch Nails cover, “Wish”. To keep up with tour information, and their latest album, visit the offical Device website.


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