Picture Book & Live Review: Ed Kowalczyk @ Eddie’s Attic

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By: Deidra Pinion

It was another cozy night at Eddie’s Attic thanks to Callaghan and Ed Kowalczyk. Georgina Callaghan, who goes by “Callaghan”, jokingly stated she was born in Nashville, but with her British accent, obviously hails from the UK. She is now living in Nashville, but when she first came to the U.S., she started off right here in Atlanta. She opened the show with songs from her most recent album, Life in Full Color. She started off with “Best Year” off the album. She then talked about an important little man in her life, her nephew Noah, and began to sing the song she named after him, “Noah’s Song”. One song that touched my heart on a personal level was “Last Song”. Never regretting anything, and living each moment like it’s your last, inspired this song. The song had so much meaning, and was so beautiful, it brought me to tears. A surprise for the evening was her rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison”. The audience participated with train whistling while she sang. I’m so glad I got to see her perform. She has such a beautiful voice, and had me ready to hear more. She will be coming back to Atlanta in January, so be sure to check her out. Also, for more information, check out her website, www.callaghansongs.com.

As the anticipation was building for Ed Kowalczyk to take the stage, the moment arrived. Ed stepped up on stage, looking better than ever, and opened the show with “Nobody knows”. He performed a couple of songs from his latest album, “The Flood and the Mercy”, including “Seven”, and “Cornerstone”. As a huge fan of Ed’s, I was excited to hear some of his older songs that got me hooked. While joking with the audience about where the ocean was, he sang “Dolphin’s Cry”. He then spoke of being a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, and finally having the chance to meet him. In his honor, he sang Bruce Springsteen’s song, “I’m on fire”. One important cause he also spoke of was World Vision. It’s a project that helps provide clean, safe water to children and families in Zambia. He has been a part of this project for quite some time, and hopes that he can continue to help them. Of course, we couldn’t let him walk off the stage without an encore. He grabbed a drink, toasted to the audience, and came back to the stage to sing “Turn my head”, “Grace”, and “Lightning Crashes”. It was just Ed, his guitar, and his microphone, and for the first time seeing him perform, he did not disappoint! To keep up with Ed’s tour, visit www.edkowalczyk.com, and please be sure to check out his project with World Vision.

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