Picture Book & Live Review: Metric @ the Tabernacle October 1st, 2012.

It’s my newly “professional” opinion that two nights in a row at the Tabernacle is not a bad thing. With Animal Collective on Sunday and then Metric on Monday, the venue was able to feed my hunger for two completely separate genres of great music.

Openers, Half Moon Run entered the Tabernacle for their performance with a completely blacked out stage and a low expectation from the crowd. While, I had never heard of the band of before, the amazing band began with a low dramatic intro that enticed the crowd and grabbed everyone’s attention. With catchier vocals, Half Moon run’s relaxed and chill vibe reminded me of bands like Blind Pilot, Sea Wolf, with A dash of Explosions in the Sky and Radiohead. As their set came to an end, it was clear that, even though it was their first time in our city, they gained some new fans.

As the main headliners, Metric, took the stage, everyone in the venue instantly became more excited. Metric has been a prominent Indie music name since the early 2000’s, and their latest release “Synthetica” proves that Metric is here for the long run. Hit after hit, the band has wowed hundreds of thousands of fans into dedication and celebration of their career. Lead singer, Emily Haines, commands the stage in a way that isn’t really seen anymore. She moves around, put her whole heart into the performance and truly loves everything she does. Metric had me dancing and singing along to almost every song. My average expectations for their set were blown away simply because of their apparent passion to perform for fans.


Set List:

  1. Artificial Nocturne
  2. Youth Without Youth
  3. Speed the Collapse
  4. Dreams So Real
  5. Empty
  6. Help I’m Alive
  7. Synthetica
  8. Clone
  9. Breathing Underwater
  10. Sick Muse
  11. Dead Disco
  12. Stadium Love



  1. Black Sheep
  2. Monster Hospital
  3. Gold Guns Girls

Gimme Sympathy (Acoustic)


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