Picture Book & Live Review: Paramore @ The Tabernacle May 21st

Paramore (15)

Photos and review by Jenna Hughes

Paramore returned to Atlanta on May 21 at the Tabernacle, closing out the North American portion of the tour supporting their new self-titled album. The band released Paramore in January of this year and it debuted at #1 on the charts, proving to naysayers that the band has staying power in the modern pop/punk scene. Their sound has evolved since the departure of Josh and Zac Ferro, which seems to have inspired many of the new songs.

Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York came out on stage together, a spotlight shining on them both as they launched into an unplugged “Interlude: Moving On,” with York strumming a mandolin. Hayley, dressed in a Johnny Cash t-shirt covered in spray paint, sang earnestly, “Well I could be angry, but you’re not worth the fight, and besides I’m moving on.” The crowd responded with deafening cheers, and the band exploded into their first hit “Misery Business” from 2007’s Riot. Hayley ran back and forth across the stage pumping up the crowd while lasers filled the Tabernacle from floor to ceiling, encompassing her never-ending energy.

“For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic” came next, with the audience singing along to every word as Hayley jutted her bright orange microphone out to them with a smile. The band played a great mix of new and old material after this, from the new album’s lead single “Now” to “Pressure,” from their first album All We Know Is Falling. Things slowed down for “The Only Exception” and picked right back up with “Let The Flames Begin.”
The highlight of the show was the band’s performance of “Whoa,” one of their oldest songs. Hayley insisted that the audience sing along to the chorus whether they knew the song or not, joking that “It’s just one word, guys.” The response was overwhelming and the voices of the crowd resonated throughout the Tabernacle.

Hayley dedicated the next song “Anklebiters” to everyone in the audience, and even invited several fans onstage to sing the song with her as long as they knew the words. Hayley explained that the song is about loving yourself and never being afraid to be yourself and that she “needs to remember that every day, and so should you.”

“Still Into You” closed out the show but the fans demanded more. Paramore returned to play “Proof” and they ended with fan-favorite “Brick By Boring Brick” with a ton of confetti shooting out into the crowd.

Set List:

Interlude: Moving On
Misery Business
For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
Ain’t It Fun
The Only Exception
Let the Flames Begin
Fast in My Car
Looking Up
That’s What You Get
Still Into You


Brick by Boring Brick


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