Picture Book: Panic! At The Disco @ The Tabernacle 2/7


Photos by Jenna Hughes

Panic! At The Disco returned to Atlanta February 7th for a sold out show at The Tabernacle. But after the band had only played two songs, something very unexpected happened. Lead singer Brendon Urie told the crowd that he’d just been informed that the floor of the venue had cracked and they were having to stop the show. “We’ll be back after they duct tape the floor, maybe…” he said before the band left the stage.

The rest of the crowd were escorted to the exits and the street and sidewalks outside the Tabernacle were soon flooded with confused, disappointed fans who couldn’t believe what was happening. Many fans stayed, anxiously waiting to see if the show would go on. But after about half an hour, the show was announced as officially canceled. Brendon Urie tweeted immediately following the event: “Damn. That was crazy. Glad everyone’s ok, even though it still sucks we can’t play. We’ll see your beautiful faces in the summer.”

The Tabernacle released the following statement shortly after:

“The safety of all at The Tabernacle – fans, performers and crew – is our number one priority and we will always side with caution. We were completely impressed with how calmly everyone left the building when directed by the Fire Marshall. The Tabernacle is a historical 100 year old building. We will be meeting with a structural engineer ASAP to make sure the building is safe for another 100 years.”

While Panic! At The Disco has yet to announce a rescheduled date for the Atlanta show, fans were able to get a full refund for their tickets.



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