Picture Book & Review: Billy Idol @ The Tabernacle June 11th!

Billy Idol (1)

By: Hillery Terenzi

Billy Idol still has it…sneer and all.

80’s MTV icon Billy Idol played to a packed Tabernacle audience on Tuesday, June 11th. The crowd consisted of former rockers and suburban housewives with their teenage kids, proving to them that mom was once “cool”. If you came to hear the “Billy Idol Experience”, you got it in full force. His 18- song set list consisted of his greatest hits and a couple of new songs off of a forthcoming album. After many years of touring, Mr. Idol and company have honed their set to perfection. Despite his reputation for excess, the 57-year old punk rocker and his six-pack abs would put many 20-year olds to shame.

Set List

1. Ready Steady Go
2. Dancing with Myself
3. Pumping on Steel
4. Flesh for Fantasy
5. Postcards From The Past
6. Love and Glory
7. (Do Not) Stand in the Shadows
8. Ghost In My Guitar
9. Sweet 16
10. Eyes Without a Face
11. LA Woman
12. Guitar Solo (Steve Stevens)
13. King Rocker
14. Love Like Fire
15. Blue Highway
16. Rebel Yell


17. White Wedding
18. Mony Mony


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