Q&A with Michelle Malone; Playing @ Eddie’s Attic March 30th

Michelle-Malone Interview by: Al Kaufman

Michelle Malone is almost as big an Atlanta institution as The Varsity. Her rocking blues have caused many to kick some dust off their boots. She can get down and raunchy and sweet and spiritual. She’s the kid sister Bonnie Raitt always wanted, or possibly the secret love child of Raitt and one Keith Richards.

Malone released her 11th CD, Day 2, late last year. In her extended interview with Atlanta Music Guide back in October 2012,  which you can read here, she talked about how personal this record is for her. On it, she deals with issues such as the death of her father and her new found relationship with her mother. She puts in her opinion of the immigration issue in the US, and talks of her idiotic difficulties with the IRS.

Although the Agnes Scott alum owns her own record label, SBS Records, for the last six months Malone has been doing what she likes to do most of all; touring. But she took a few minutes out of her time to answer some quick questions we threw at her in rapid fire succession.

When we last talked, you mentioned how personal songs about your father, such as “Marlboro Man” and “St. Peter” were sort of a roller coaster ride for you to sing live. Sometimes you really enjoyed singing them and other times they just seemed like too much. Now that you’ve been singing them for a while, has the way you’ve approached them on stage changed?

Nope, but I don’t sing “St. Peter” live, and I don’t sing “Marlboro Man” every show, only when requested.

What kind of reception has “Immigration Game” been getting, especially on your gigs in the deep south?

Half love it and smile and giggle and clap, half fold their arms in protest.

It was three years between Debris and Day 2. Will it be 2015 before we hear new stuff from you again?

Likely sooner.

You used to be “Moanin’ Michelle Malone,” but on your last two albums you are just “Michelle Malone.” Don’t you moan anymore?

Sorry, I don’t know how to answer that without incriminating myself.

Michelle Malone plays two shows at Eddie’s Attic on Saturday, March 30th. Grab your tickets now!



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