Recap: Grammy Mixer @ Criminal Records, Tuesday, December 11th

Photos/Recap by Shelby Lum

Free beer, prizes, and huge networking opportunities brought artists and musicians to Little Five Points last night.  Criminal Records hosted a Grammy mixer for local artists to meet other names in the Atlanta music scene as well as have the opportunity to become a GRAMMY® member.

Becoming a GRAMMY® member has huge perks for all musicians, and many local artists don’t realize all of the benefits of becoming a member. We learned that in addition to producing the GRAMMY® Awards, the organization supports music industry professionals in a variety of ways, including MusiCares, an organization that provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need, and GRAMMY Professional development and networking member events, outreach programs and student initiatives such as the GRAMMY U® program. We also learned about how The Recording Academy® advocates for the rights of music people. Recent initiatives have included steps to grant royalties to artists with radio airplay. As legislation adapts to rapidly changing technologies, The Recording Academy® works to protect creators’ rights through its GRAMMYs on the Hill Initiative. Members include: singers, songwriters, engineers, producers, managers, and a wide range of professionals working in the music industry.

The majority of Grammy nominees are on independent record labels, and that knowledge gave hope to the many musicians who stopped by Criminal Records to talk with experts. At the end of the night, a huge prize package, which included studio time for the emerging artist, was won by local Atlanta band, Revel in Romance.  The band won everything from recording time, to professional help with a video, and even consulting on album covers. We couldn’t be more excited for this young band to have amazing new opportunities on their horizon!

If you couldn’t attend the event at Criminal Records last night, no worries you can still join The Recording Academy® and become a member!

Membership Types:

VOTING members can submit product in the GRAMMY process, vote for the GRAMMY Awards, receive an invitation to purchase GRAMMY tickets and attend events throughout the year, if you have 6 commercially released tracks or 12 independently released/digitally released tracks. Just $100 per year.

ASSOCIATE members can submit product in the GRAMMY process, receive an invitation to purchase GRAMMY tickets and attend networking events throughout the year. Associate members consist of industry professionals, musicians, songwriters, and more. Just $100 per year.

GRAMMY University
Network college students enjoy many of the benefits offered by The Recording Academy, and you will gain access to today’s leading recording artists, producers, engineers and songwriters, who want to share their experiences with you, tomorrow’s recording industry professionals. Just $25 per year.


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