Secondhand Serenade comes to Atlanta

Secondhand_serenade_2 Nearly a year after the release of his debut album, Awake, Secondhand Serenade is back with his much-anticipated follow-up, A Twist In My Story. Rightfully titled, the album finds Secondhand Serenade—a.k.a. John Vesely— adding onto his signature raw vocals and guitar with the use of orchestration and a full band.

Carrying the momentum of a carefully crafted career, support from his label Glassnote Records along with the adoration of millions of fans, A Twist In My Story was released on February 5th of 2008. The album finds John coming off of one of the most hectic years of his life after appearances on MTV, Yahoo! Music, AOL, Music Choice, in Rolling Stone, and more. Rigorous national tours followed with other notable artists including the Plain White T’s, All American Rejects, and Hawthorne Heights. Additionally, John wrapped up a 24-date tour as a headliner.

The album finds John collaborating with two industry heavyweight producers, Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves) and Butch Walker (Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects), as well as venturing into “a whole bunch of different styles of songs.” He knew that crafting these songs in a new environment was essential in terms of his growth as an artist, but Vesely remained mindful to never allow his surroundings change his artistry at it’s core.

“I kept a lot of those same things from the first album because the way I write didn’t change. It just became more complex. Some changes were necessary this time around because of the developments I’ve had as a person and as a performer,” Vesely remarked. “I just wanted to be creative and make the songs I wanted to make. I only used what I thought each song needed and that meant adding some new layers to the cake.”

The layers are evident right from the start of the album. Leading off with “Like A Knife,” the tone is immediately set for what is a heartfelt body of work complete with strings, signature harmonies, and lyrics conveyed with honest emotion. The Butch Walker produced ballad “Fall For You” follows, which is one of many tracks featuring John on the piano. The remaining tracks are of a mixed sort with songs like “Stranger,” “Maybe,” and the up-tempo “Suppose” benefiting from the sounds of a full band, while others like “Why,” “Goodbye,” and the album’s title track all prove to be just as effective in their stripped down form.

Overall, Secondhand Serenade is out to please his supporters, whom he notes have helped him to reach this point in his life. He claims, “Nothing in my career would be possible without my fans backing me. They are the most important people in terms of any success I have or will ever have.” It is for this reason that he prides himself on keeping a personal connection with fans both on-line and at performances.

A Twist In My Story is a new chapter for Secondhand Serenade, taking you through the highs and lows of love and life. John Vesely is a modern day storyteller following a path all his own while putting a new twist on his timeless tale.

Secondhand Serenade will be coming through our neck of the woods soon! They are scheduled for a show on July 22nd at the Masquerade.
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