The Dollyrots, Selt-Titled Album Review, Releases Tuesday, September 18th

Review by Molly Segers Amanda Palmer isn’t the only one putting out records with the help of loyal fans on . The Dollyrots set out last year to raise just $7,500 to record their latest self-titled record and wound up raising over $33,000 thanks to the promise of pet rocks, cookies, clothes, musical instruments, […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

OMG, is everyone ok? I think we could all become official stormchasers after all of that last night! Mother Nature sure did seem a little upset with us huh? There is a ton of great music happening tonight, so don’t be scared to go out and shake what you got. -Hippy’s and Trustafarians unite tonight […]

Ben Folds, Damian Kulash (OK Go), Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) and Author Neil Gaiman to Write and Record Eight Songs in Eight Hours

Ben Folds, Damian Kulash (OK Go), Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls, solo), and author Neil Gaiman set out to write and record eight songs in eight hours (4 p.m. to midnight) at Berklee College of Music, Monday, April 25, and release them 10 hours later during Rethink Music, in Boston. Like Radiohead did recently, this group plans to show how record companies are becoming superfluous to building buzz […]

CD Review: Evelyn Evelyn – Evelyn Evelyn

CD Review: Evelyn Evelyn – Evelyn Evelyn

Evelyn Evelyn Evelyn Evelyn Eleven Records By Al Kaufman Thankfully, nobody on the planet flies their freak flag higher than Amanda Palmer, and even she needed to find a longer pole for her latest endeavor, Evelyn Evelyn; ukulele-playing conjoined twins who share “three legs, two arms, two hearts, three lungs, and a single liver.” Palmer, a […]