Interview: Clay Evans of The Cumberland Collective; Playing @ Eddie’s Attic June 28!

The Cumberland Collective is a community of independent singer/songwriters and musicians from across the U.S. All respected in their own right, the band’s 15 members have become their own small community; growing organically into the most creative project in Music City today. Those who attend a Cumberland Collective performance find themselves a part of the community too. […]

Picture Book and Review: Cumberland Collective @ Eddie’s Attic Thursday, August 30

Photos and Review by Ellen Eldridge Eddie’s Attic, quietly nestled into the heart of Decatur, perfectly suited Cumberland Collective’s set. If fans enjoy an intimate environment with tasty food and drinks among friends, one would be hard pressed to find a better band to get intimate with. Eddie’s Attic feels like a coffee shop with […]

What’s Up Thursday?

The countdown of Leila’s last days continue, and here are a couple more reasons that we are going to miss this fancy chick: 3. Leila is all smiles all of the time…There are folks in the world that have abundant energy and kindness, and truly radiate their positivity wherever they are. Leila is like this…..She […]

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