Interview w/ Twin Tigers; Album Release @ The Drunken Unicorn TONIGHT!

Twin Tigers is an American rock band from Athens, Georgia formed in 2007 by Matthew Rain and Aimee Morris. The band just released their second full-length album, Death Wish, on April 9. Spin Magazine claims, “Twin Tigers manages to sound simultaneously claustrophobic and expansive while sharply swerving guitar lines and cymbal swirls bleed color into […]

CD Review: Telekinesis – Dormarion

By Ellen Eldridge Michael Benjamin Lerner is the man behind the band Telekinesis. At 26, he has weathered through life’s ups and downs and recorded his thoughts across three albums. Dormarion succinctly completes a sort of circle around his previous two albums, 2009’s self-titled debut and 2011’s 12 Desperate Straight Lines. The haunting echo of […]

What’s Up Thursday? March 7th

Things are poppin’ tonight! Tons of shows happening and we love it. From dance-y indie rock to classic rock, and chilled out folk, take your pick and enjoy this Thursday evening! He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister w/ Paper Bird & Shakey Graves @ The Earl He’s My Brother She’s My Sister seem to invite […]

What’s up Wednesday? March 6th

What’s up Wednesday? March 6th

We’re halfway through the week and it’s an Alt-J kind of day! Their show at the Masquerade is sold out tonight, but have no fear, Criminal Records is hosting Alt-J for a special acoustic set at 6PM. Free tickets are limited. Click here for details on how to secure yours! If you’re looking for other […]

AMG’s Ones to Watch: THIS HOUSE

By: Taylor Magill In an arguably over-saturated scene full of self-proclaimed lo-fi geniuses and high school metal bands, it’s hard to tell what will stick around for the long haul. Despite the over-saturation, once in a while a band comes along and you can tell that they are going somewhere. When I came across THIS […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

Happy Election Day! Sure it’s rainy and cold, but we gotta vote. If you haven’t voted yet then grab your headphones and maybe a book. From my experience and what I’ve gathered, the lines seem to be moving fairly quickly. While many will be following the election coverage tonight, there are actually a few great […]

AMG Picks: Halloween Events- Prom of the Living Dead, Dirt Nap 2012, Sick/Sea, & Stokeswood’s Halloween Tribute to The Talking Heads with Jungol

By Gini Strobel Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, so for the working crew that means we have to celebrate this Friday and Saturday or possibly face an early morning hangover on November 1st! I have a hard enough time waking up and not overdosing on caffeine, so I choose to party this weekend! […]

Picture Book, Live Review and Meet & Greet: Milo Greene @ The Earl Thursday, October 18th.

Photos by Codi Glancy, Review by Gini Strobel By now you guys know that we’re way into Milo Greene! Last night, we headed to The Earl, much earlier than usual, for an awesome meet and greet with MG. Two lucky winners had the opportunity to hang with the band before they went on stage. Singer/guitarist, […]

Milo Greene In-Store Performance this Thursday, October 18th @ Criminal Records & Playing @ The Earl in the Evening

If you can’t tell by now, we’re pretty big fans of Milo Greene. Their indie-folk sound is fresh, yet fans of Beach House and Local Natives are sure to draw some parallels. We caught their first Atlanta show this past Summer at Drunken Unicorn and we were hooked. This Thursday, the band is back in […]

Album Review, Self-Titled, Bisoux, Playing September 19th @ Drunken Unicorn

By Chandler Mays Bisoux is a brand new band out of Atlanta, and their first self-titled EP packs quite the punch. Part 90’s alt-rock, part garage rock, part punk, and part pop, this six-song production is a rambunctious endeavor filled with rug-cutting drumbeats, catchy guitar hooks, rollicking basslines, and the delightfully sardonic musings of lead […]

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