Throwback Thursday: Eliot Bronson

The cover of Eliot Bronson’s latest self-titled album shows a more contemplative side of the artist than previous releases. The folk/rock/country hybrid has been drawing attention from critics who call the album “one of the best this year.”(Glide Magazine). In honor of his success, and his upcoming show at Eddie Attic, we take a look […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today’s pumpkin is brought to you by the letter B, for Bob Dylan of course! Today while you’re contemplating why exactly you are wearing shorts and flip flops when it’s almost November, here are a few things you can do to get out and show off your getting-pasty-white legs. -In the last […]

What’s Up Monday?

What’s Up Monday?

I woke up this morning singing this song, and couldn’t get it out of my head… and then Leslie Fram told me she had a dream that she couldn’t get into a concert because it was at capacity; so just as a warning today might be a little off, but here are a couple of […]