AMG Weekend Picks: Guys & Dolls, Little Brother, The Love Language, Anthony Hamilton and More!

Well, summer’s last full month is officially over. And while we actually have a few more weeks left of the season, the feeling of cooler things to come is already in the air. The heat is just a little less oppressive. Kids are back in school. Fall fashions are hitting us over the head. And […]

CD Review: Judi Chicago — Bright Lights, Fun City; Playing Lenny’s Bar on April 2

Judi Chicago Bright Lights, Fun City By Samantha Parvin In the spirit of true Atlanta indie rock, Judi Chicago’s second full-length album exudes an air of spooky, with funky keyboard and synth accents and a “mwa ha ha” kind of Dracula-esque vocal tone.  These three multi-instrumentalists, Travis Thacker – AKA Baron Saturday – James Joyce […]

Steve LaBate & the Ghosts of Electricity play CD Release Party at Lenny’s Bar, February 20

Steve LaBate, of Attractive Eighties Women and Paste Magazine fame, will finally be debuting his solo album The Dead Art of Letter Writing at Lenny’s this Saturday, February 20. From the sounds of the tunes on the MySpace, we shouldn’t be expecting too much of the comedycore that AEW churn out so well, and instead […]

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