Win Tickets & 5GB Interivew with Gashcat; Playing at Peachtree Tavern, Thursday November 8th.

Gashcat started in the summer of 2010 as a three piece fuzz band from Austin, TX. After releasing their first EP, which was recorded on a magic tape machine found in the middle of the woods in Mississippi, they kicked off their beginnings with a West Coast tour. Since then, they’ve done an additional three […]

AMG Weekend Picks: Prom of the Living Dead, STS9, Sharon Van Etten, Lagwagon, and Jason Boland & The Stragglers

With the recent premiere of The Walking Dead, all we’ve been hearing lately is zombie-this and zombie-that. But what better of a time for the apocalypse than Halloween week!  The last week of October is sure to be one for the ages with so many great musicians coming to Atlanta ready to play into the […]

5GB With COPE; Playing Peachtree Tavern, Oct. 11

COPE was recently dubbed the “Undisputed Jam Kings of Tampa Bay,”this muscular four piece arrangement established the framework that ultimately resulted in the release of the eponymous “Going Home,” which was nominated for the Homegrown Music Network “Studio Album of the Year” in 2009. COPE turned that momentum into several headlining spots at marquee music […]

AMG Weekend Picks: Little 5 Fest, CounterPoint, The Urban Hoedown, Animal Collective and More!

The weekend is almost here and we’re happily immersed in Fall Festival Season! From the Urban Hoedown, to CounterPoint, and Little Five Fest, we are beyond excited to check out all of the awesome bands and genres this weekend! The venues are also packed with great artists too, so no excuses! Get out and enjoy […]

Connor Christian & Southern Gothic @ Peachtree Tavern Friday, October 5th! Guitar Giveaway!

Connor Christian & Southern Gothic are a perfect blend of Southern Rock and Country, but with a Pop hook. Their music draws on influences ranging from Ryan Adams, G. Love, and Counting Crows to The Band and Tumbleweed Connection-era Elton John. With their latest album, New Hometown (Part 1), the band crafts their songs from […]

5GB With Levi Lowrey; Playing Peachtree Tavern, Friday Sept. 21st

Levi Lowrey may be a guitar-toting troubadour today, but he began as a fiddle player. No surprise, since his great-great-grandfather, the late Gid Tanner, was also a fiddle player and today stands as a towering figure in country music history. Tanner and frequent rival “Fiddlin’ John” Carson were among the first “hillbilly” musicians to take […]

What’s Up Thursday?

Let me just tell you right now, everything in life connects. I’m about to start a new chapter in my life, and when I look at everything that has happened to bring me to where I am right now, I am absolutely amazed. So when you are going forth today into your world, just remember […]

What’s Up Thursday?

My best friend is pregnant, and in fact is due next month…Now at my age, I understand that it is not unusual for your friends to be having babies at this time, but for me, it is MEGA weird. The funny thing is that she and her husband are Jamaican, so I find myself sitting […]

5GB With Dash Rip Rock; Playing Peachtree Tavern, August 2nd

Dash Rip Rock is the legendary New Orleans-based trio known for their unique roots music. SPIN says Dash Rip Rock is “undeniably the South’s greatest rock band.” The New York Times calls Dash Rip Rock “skillful musicians with a penchant for getting reliably wild….” No Depression raves that DRR’s recent albums prove that Dash is […]

AMG WEEKEND PICKS: Sister Hazel w/Ponderosa, The Whiskey Gentry, Jungol, and more!

Happy Friday the 13th? Superstitious? Then you’re probably steering clear of black cats, ladders, broken mirrors, and cracks in the sidewalk..You should just stay home! BUT that would be LAME when we have so much happening in Atlanta this weekend! We just need the rain to chill out a little and all will be perfect.. […]

5GB With Gary Ray & The Heartwells; Playing Peachtree Tavern, July 13th

As a performer, sought-after singer-songwriter and executive at the successful Nashville based record label and publishing company, Better Angels Music, Gary Ray is a music biz triple-threat. He is no stranger to the Atlanta scene, and is playing Peachtree Tavern, JUly 13th. He joined us for our 5GB series before the show. What’s the first […]

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